DrinkUrGreens is a juice bar in Glendora, California that was established in 2014 by owner Glenn Hirakawa. After discovering the power and importance of eating whole fruits and vegetables, forming a bond with his juicer and blender, and seeing his and his family's health improve before his eyes as a result, he set out to share this knowledge and health with his community. Not only does DrinkUrGreens offer a wide variety of tasty and good-for-you juices, we also serve delicious smoothies, antioxidant-rich acai bowls, and fresh sandwiches and wraps, all of which can be found on our menu. 


We believe in the health of our customers and our community, and we know that the nutrients brought to you by the DrinkUrGreens menu will provide just that. At DrinkUrGreens, we don't think "Eat less," we just think "Eat Better." After all, you are what you eat. That's why we choose food that's healthy, vibrant, and full of life! Pretty sweet deal, right? 

Upon a visit to our shop, you'll probably see our staff of trained juicers and employees running around in the kitchen. This is because everything that we offer is made-to-order, and it's all in a team effort to provide our customers with the freshest food and beverages possible. 

We know that being healthier than ever before doesn't have to involve a drastic lifestyle change, but that when you take small steps towards a healthier you, your emotions, energy, and yes, your lifestyle, will follow.