$50 / day
3 days: $150
5 days: $250
7 days: $350

Each Day of your Juice Cleanse Will Include:

  • 32oz Lemon Detox Water with Cayenne Pepper
  • Four 16 oz Juices
    • Green 1
    • Green 2
    • Refresher (Varies with Day)
    • Root (Varies with Day)
  • 16 oz Nut Milk of Choice
I really enjoyed the cleanse and found myself feeling lighter, healthier and having tons more energy!
— Brittanee Taylor

Ever wonder why all those crazy people are running around for days without eating anything but liquids? We can answer to that, because we're guilty as charged.

Juice cleansing is an extremely useful way to give your system a reboot and flush out built up toxins. The reason that it's so effective is because juice is immediately absorbable, and it doesn't take as much energy for your body to digest as it does solid food. This allows it to put energy into things like healing wounds and getting rid of toxins, rather than putting all of its energy into digesting last night's steak dinner. Juice cleansing is a great thing to do when you've been eating lots of processed foods that are high in artificial sweeteners and sugars because it allows your body and your mind time to break the bad eating habits. Out with the old, in with the new! 

Here at DrinkUrGreens we have an incredible juice program put together by our juice-gurus, which consists of four 16 oz juices (which alternate throughout the days of your cleanse), a 32 oz detox water, and a 16 oz nut milk of your choice per day. It's important to us that everybody knows that juice cleanses should not leave you starving or hungry! This daily stock of juice, nut milk, and detox water in addition to your regular water intake is meant to be enough to keep you feeling satisfied throughout the day. The juices provided with this cleanse are surprisingly filling. It's amazing how easily our bodies are satisfied when we feed them the nutrients that they really need, rather than artificial foods that give the illusion of fullness.

We generally offer cleanses ranging from 3-7 days, because three days is how long it usually takes to fully restart your system, though everyone's body is a little bit different. With that being said, it never hurts to do a quick one-day cleanse to get yourself back on track mentally.

These cleanses are known to make participants feel exponentially more energized, help with clearing acne, get rid of the habit of bored and mindless eating, and help jumpstart weight loss! It is so important to give your body a break every once in a while, and we truly believe that fresh juice cleanses are the most effective and healthy way to do so.